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Surplus 1 Phase and 3 Phase Transformers

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AC Motors

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Control Line Custom Panels

Our Controline Panel Division utilizes quality components and creates Control Line Custom Panels that are tailored to your specific needs. Looking for that special piece. if we don't have it, let Electrical Power Equipment "Finders" Inc find it for you!

With over 50 years of custom panel building experience, if you give us your specifications, we will design and build it for you. By incorporating surplus equipment we can provide both lower cost and prompt delivery. All Electrical Power Equipment Finders Inc panels have available ESA approval.

Sample Custom Panel:

  • 100 KVA
  • Main 150 Amp Breaker
  • c/w Multi tap Transformer
  • 115/230/380/460/600 Volt
  • 5 - ASEA 230 Amp Contactors
  • Digital Amp/Voltage Meters
  • Pilot Lights, Push Buttons, Necessary Wiring


Notify us with your specific needs.